Services & Training

At CHC Paint & Body Shop Supplies we offer a wide variety of services to all of our customers. From custom labelled aerosol cans, to professional paint services, equipment maintenance and even administration of the PPG MVP Program (Body Shop Benchmarking). Review the itemized list of services we provide and should you have any questions about the specific services listed or would like to inquire about an un-listed item, please feel free to contact us.

Training Programs

Training Programs with CHC Paint and PPGWhether you’re a refinish paint technician, body shop owner/manager or custom builder, CHC Paint & Body Shop Supply, with PPG, offers you a wide choice of training curriculum to ensure that your knowledge and skills stay abreast of the latest products, technologies, equipment and collision repair process methodologies.

Courses are Scheduled throughout the year at the PPG Business Development Center in Toronto.

PPG MVP Program

PPG MVP Program - Body Shop BenchmarkingThrough PPG we offer management training and business support services that have a level of commitment to continuous improvement and delivery unrivaled by any other provider. PPG Refinish introduced their MVP Business Solutions in 1994 as a way to help collision repairers turn the changing industry and the resulting business challenges into extraordinary opportunities. Since it's inception, CHC Paint & Body Shop Supply has consistently delivered more training and more business support services to more collision repair businesses than our competitors. CHC Paint is committed to you and to seeing you succeed.
You can read more about PPG MVP, in-depth, at “Evolution of the PPG MVP Program”.

More about PPG MVP:
MVP develops and delivers the most comprehensive programs for CHC Paint And Body Shop Supplies and PPG Collision Repair Customers presented by the best resources in the industry. Our mission is to provide our collision repair business partners with training and business development services directed at interdependent success.
You can learn a great deal more about PPG's MVP Program here.

Training Videos & Tutorials
Custom Aerosol Paint Cans

Custom Aerosol Paint and Primer CansWe can put paint and primer into an easy-to-use aerosol paint can.